How to create a user account

When creating an account please use your agency name as a username. This helps in determining whether or not you are a real user. Users are verified to prevent unwanted content on this site.
To verify your identity before posting content to this web site please contact Ashley Cooper at Family Planning Service of Western Illinois Inc or the webmaster by leaving a message on the contact form. When using the contact form Please leave your agency name, city and state. Your information will be sent to you. Thank you.

Next create new account choose Log in/Create account as in the first picture. This link will only appear if you are not logged in. When logged in the link will display information in your account.

Log in/Create account

The next screen should look like the one in the picture. Just fill in your agency name on the line labeled user name and email address on the second line. Use a short one or two word name.

user account

After that just click Create new account as in the picture. You will receive email notification when your account is created. If this does not happen in one or two days contact the web site coordinator.