Knox County Health Department

Street address: 
1361 West Fremont St.
Galesburg, Il, 61401
Telephone number: 
Hours of Operation: 
8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

OVER 20 YEARS OF SERVICE: Since the successful referendum passed in 1992 the Knox County Health Department has grown and expanded over 20 years. These accomplishments are the result of commitment and dedication of the staff past and present.
1992 Voters pass referendum to form KCHD
1992 First Board of Health Meeting
1993 Health Department opens at 2320 Veterans Drive, Galesburg
1993 Shigella outbreak in Galesburg
1993 First Flu Immunization Clinic conducted
1993 First Board of Health Budget with Health Fund Levy adopted by Knox County Board
1994 Communicable Disease Surveillance Program initiated
1994 First Knox County Community Health Plan adopted by Board of Health
1994 Childhood Immunization Program implemented
1994 Integration of Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
1994 Health Department received certification status from Illinois Department of Public Health
1995 Onsite Dental Services for low-income population initiated
1995 Started TB skin testing program
1995 KCHD office relocated to 519 McClure Street, Galesburg
1996 Received Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program Grant
1996 Adult immunization program started
1997 Primary Care Clinic for grant-program clients opened
1997 STD Testing and Treatment Clinic opened
1997 Initiated Environmental Health Lead Poisoning Inspection Program
1998 Tobacco Prevention & Teen Pregnancy Prevention grant funds received
1999 Knox County Community Health Clinic Opened
2000 Health Department offices move to new facility at 1361 West Fremont St., Galesburg
2001 Developed local response plan concerning bioterrorism
2002 Implemented West Nile Virus response plan
2002 KCHD celebrates 10 year anniversary
2004 Ranked 1st in the State for MCH Performance Indicators
2004 Knox County Community Free Clinic and Dental Clinic Closed
2005 Board of Health approves 2004-2005 Oral Health Needs Assessment
2006 Knox County Community Free Clinic and Dental Clinic are reopened
2007 Facilitated the collection of over 20,000 tires as part of a residential used tire collection project.
2007 Successfully implemented electronic food safety inspection program
2008 Implemented Smoke-Free Illinois Enforcement Policies
2008 Convened 1st Teen Leadership Summit for Knox County High School Sophomores
2009 Secured a new Public Health Administrator
2009 Received grant funding and implemented the Knox County Health Department Quality Improvement and Performance Management Initiative.
2010 Formation and creation of the Knox County Community Health Center Governance Board
2010 Section 330 application prepared and submitted
2011 Board of Health completed the Non-Profit Certificate Program
2011 Convened the 1st Free Adult Dental Day
2011 1st Community Garden planted
2012 Awarded Federally Qualified Health Center Funding
2012 Awarded We Choose Health Grant